“His unexpected melodic leaps and imaginitive chording           

     inexorably draw you in, delivering a nice balance of                   

     atmosphere and aggression.” - GUITAR PLAYER MAGAZINE


Jeff Miley onstage with “bug” - featuring James Miley,

Peter Epstein, Roger Shew, and Brian Hamada.

Jeff Miley after performing with Tim Ries’ Rolling Stones Project - with Bernard Fowler, Matt Harris, Larry Goldings, and Tim.

Guitarist Jeff Miley performing with vocalist Inga Swearingen at Steynberg Gallery in San Luis Obispo, California.

Jeff Miley performing in the jazz-fusion trio “Altered”  -  with Steve Holmes and John Flitcraft. 

Jeff Miley performing with Doug Shreeve and Eric Wells.  Code 3!

Guitarist Jeff Miley after performing in the house band at Dave Weckl’s 50th birthday party.  with Dave, Ric Fierabracci, and Phil Turcio

guitarist Jeff Miley performing with Ernie Watts at the Central Coast Jazz Festival

JEFF MILEY                

Jeff Miley has been featured in Guitar Player Magazine (winning that magazine's "Spotlight Award"), and has been reviewed in Jazzwise Magazine (U.K), Gendai Guitar Magazine (Japan), JazzTimes (U.S.) and The Himalayan Times (Nepal), among others. He has an extensive catalog of original music releases, and performs regularly at music festivals, concert halls, and clubs throughout the U.S., as well as in Europe, Asia, Mexico, and Canada.  In addition to plenty of work as a side-man, Jeff really enjoys getting involved in original music projects, and can be heard in this capacity with vocalist Inga Swearingen, multi- media performance ensemble "Vox Lumiere", the jazz-power-trio "Altered”, Elvis Schoenberg’s Orchestre Surreal, and “bug” (the original jazz project that he co-leads with his brother, James). He received his Bachelor of Music Degree from California State University, Northridge, with an emphasis in Classical Guitar. Jeff is a co-recipient of the Andres Segovia Performance Award from the American Guitar Society. He is a faculty member at Cuesta College, in San Luis Obispo, California, teaching both jazz and classical guitar in the applied music program, and at Cal Poly Pomona, teaching jazz guitar and leading the jazz combos. He divides his time between Los Angeles and San Luis Obispo when in California, and Highland Park, New Jersey when he’s on the east coast.

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a few concert and post-concert snapshots.

James Miley         Peter Epstein      Jeff Miley       Roger Shew            Brian Hamada

                    Matt Harris

   Bernard Fowler     Larry Goldings   Tim Ries    Jeff Miley

           Inga          Robby Rothschild   Jeff Miley

Jeff Miley                         Steve Holmes                                John Flitcraft

   Dave Weckl      Ric Fierabracci  Jeff Miley      Phil Turcio

Doug Shreeve   Eric Wells                  Jeff Miley

Jeff Miley         John Flitcraft                Ernie Watts



Guitarist Jeff Miley backstage after performing with vocalist Jon Anderson, the voice of Yes!

John Astaire             Jon Anderson    Jeff Miley       Kristian  Ducharme



Code 3

Filmed and recorded at

the world famous Baked Potato

in Los Angeles.

An epic EIGHT CAMERA shoot by Evan Daum and his crew at

Live Concert Production.

             Pristine multi-track audio recording by Scott Sedillo

                      (from Peublo Audio  and Bernie Grundman Mastering).  

              Video edited by Steve Holmes.  Audio mixed by yours truly.

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